An Evening of Live Jazz and Spoken Word with Poet Robert Pinsky



Poet Robert Pinsky (United States Poet Laureate 1997-2000) has devised a collaborative program which showcases his two great passions: poetry and jazz.  This offering is entitled POEMJAZZ and presents the human voice -- the reading and performance of poems – along with a variety of jazz musical improvisations. 

“In jazz, as in poetry,” says Robert Pinsky, “there is always that play between what's regular and what's wild. That has always appealed to me.”  Pinsky’s most constant musical partner for these events is the pianist Laurence Hobgood, but Robert Pinsky has also played with other well-known jazz musicians, including Vijay Iyer, Ben Allison, Bobby Bradford and Stan Strickland.

POEMJAZZ treats a voice speaking poetry as having a role like that of a horn: speech with its own poetic melody and rhythm, in conversation with melody and rhythm in the music: a conversation between the sounds of poetry and music.

POEMJAZZ is also the title of a fine new CD, just recorded by Robert Pinsky and Laurence Hobgood on the Circumstantial Productions label. The limited edition CD with booklet of poems is available at www.circumstantial.us and at Robert and Laurence's POEMJAZZ performances.

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Listen here for a recent interview and performance on Radio Boston.

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